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Boston Opera Collaborative gets to the heart of ‘Rinaldo’

Boston Globe/Jeffrey Gantz

It’s through the arias that Handel tells the opera’s real story, and that’s where this “Rinaldo” shines.
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Handel and Humanity in BOC’s Rinaldo

Boston Music Intelligencer/Sudeep Agarwala

Though this Rinaldo was draped in only 18 of Handel’s 42-50 original arias and ensemble pieces, it nonetheless felt fluid and compelling, maintaining the spirit of the lengthier version...The auditorium (seating 160 at a maximum) placed the full house in an engaging and intimate proximity to the actors.
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Young singers spark Boston Opera Collaborative’s vivid “Rinaldo”

Boston Classical Review/Angelo Mao

Boston Opera Collaborative’s production of Handel’s Rinaldo hit all the right notes at Thursday night’s opening performance...But there was more than enough bravura and poignancy, both in the pit and on the stage, to bring Rinaldo vividly to life.
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Streamlined, Modernized ‘Rinaldo’ Delights

Harvard Crimson/Lien E. Le

In staging this production, the Boston Opera Collaborative has both illuminated a great work from the past and discovered a convincing path for the future.
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BOC’s up-close and personal ‘Werther’

Boston Globe/Jeffrey Gantz

This is a jewel of a “Werther,” intimate in scale, incorporating everything of importance from the opera, and restoring a measure of Goethe’s sensibility as well.

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Heightened Intimacy in BOC’s Lettres de Werther

Boston Music Intelligencer/Sudeep Agarwala

BOC’s Lettres de Werther at Longy School’s Pickman Hall presents a miniature and intimate response to the Met’s grandiosity and constitutes a fine opening for the company’s 2015 season.

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13 Opera Companies: #IAMOPERA at Club Oberon

Boston Music Intelligencer/Jason McCool

Boston Opera Collaborative then presented a well-staged snapshot, with subtitles, of Massenet’s Les letters des Werther. Heather Gallagher’s lovely mezzo-soprano was infused with regret; tenor Salvatore Atti’s authoritative presence was buttressed by his exquisite vocal control.

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'Albert Herring' is a great catch at the Strand

Boston Globe/Jeffrey Gantz

Boston Opera Collaborative’s free presentation at the Strand Theatre is well staged, well sung, and, best of all, well acted.

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A Bristling Herring From BOC

Boston Music Intelligencer/Brian Schuth

Albert Herring has modest aims, but the BOC has ensured it always holds your attention. The small orchestra led by Andrew Altenbach did well by Britten: the composer’s palette is extensive for such a small ensemble, and despite the unresonant acoustic of the Strand, the realization of those colors was vivid.

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Collaborative brings ‘Sumeida’s Song’ to life

Boston Globe/David Weininger

...“Sumeida’s Song” is an astonishing achievement for a composer then in his mid-20s. It unquestionably deserves to be seen and heard, and Boston Opera Collaborative deserves enormous credit for bringing it here.

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Sumeida’s Song, Powerful Opera in Boston Premiere

Boston Music Intelligencer/Liane Curtis

This is an intense and tautly constructed work, and BOC brought excellent singers, polished music direction (Andrew Altenbach), and virtuosic performing from the orchestra.

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Sumeida’s Song

Boston Arts Diary

This is an ambitious production and the Boston Opera Collaborative is to be highly commended for its support of such unique and innovative repertoire...Boston Opera Collaborative, founded in 2005 to give performance opportunities in major roles to young artists, has added a very interesting dimension to the Boston opera scene, incorporating a varied selection of new works such as this one – as well as some classics – into its offerings. It is a bold and worthy endeavor and it was greatly satisfying to venture into the Somerville Theater in Davis Square to see and hear a talented group of young singers and instrumentalists perform this innovative and bold, though darkly tragic, work by a promising young composer.

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The Importance of Being Collaborative

Huffington Post/Mohammed Fairouz

In Boston, the presence of a company like Boston Opera Collaborative is particularly encouraging. The company operates from the ground up. Its administrators are also working musicians in their own right and they are involved with the organization because of their vivid passion for music-making. The company is a nimble entity, capable of moving quickly to present ambitious productions with a youthful verve. This is a company started and run by musicians that believes in the ability of their art form to connect with broad audiences.

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Handling Handel

New York Arts/Lloyd Schwartz

The production was compellingly designed by Julia Noulin-Mérat, whose set was a wall made of a pile of old clothes, and particularly well-sung and movingly acted by mezzo-soprano Heather Gallagher, the Mother in the performance I saw (there were two casts). Andrew Altenbach was the accomplished conductor who managed to hold together Fairouz’s diverse influences — lavish orchestral color and spare atonality, Arabic music, Strauss, and Berg — and emerge with Fairouz’s distinctive musical personality.

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4 Hearty Farewells To The Classical Music Season

WBUR Artery/Adeline Sire

The BOC’s artistic director, Andrew Altenbach, conducts a small and nimble orchestra, and two separate casts of four singers, directed by Nathan Troup, at the eclectic Somerville Theatre in Davis Square.

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Boston-area to do list

Boston Globe/Milva DiDomizio

Boston Opera Collaborative explores tales of motherhood in “Underlying Rhythms.” The show includes flamenco dancing accompanied by Spanish vocal music of de Falla, Granados, Rodrigo, and others, and modern dance with music by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Glinka.

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Postcard from Paris

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / Basil Considine

"It was a novel and entertaining time warp of a performance."

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The Rise of the Opera Singers' Collective

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / Basil Considine

Read about BOC past and present in this two-part installment series, including information about the company's founding and an interview with the current directors.

"the singer who is well rounded or understands it all, I think that is what we are trying to sell: that the entrepreneurial singer, the smart singer, is a successful singer. Whether they're successful in having a full-blown professional career where they travel 365 days a year or whether it's a singer that understands how to make a living freelancing here in Boston, or a singer that knows how to really develop a great studio, or moves to the administrative things…all of these are skills that BOC is helping to teach the singers that come through the membership."
Chelsea Lewis, General Director of BOC.

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Boston Opera Collaborative's 'Cinderella' triumphs

The Boston Globe / Jeffrey Gantz

"Boston Opera Collaborative's 'Cinderella' triumphs"

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My Theatre Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Andrew Altenbach

My Entertainment World/Brian Balduzzi

"BOC's Artistic Director Andrew Altenbach discusses his nomination for the 2013 My Entertainment World Awards. Maestro Altenbach was nominated for Best Director for BOC's summer 2013 production of "Cinderella."

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Remarkable Rossini From BOC

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / Tom Schnauber

"If opera—even grand and large-scale comic opera—is to survive, the modest yet effective approach to it offered by the Boston Opera Collaborative is a very compelling model for that survival."
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Girl Leaves Ash Heap, Becomes Princess

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / BMINT STAFF

Andrew Altenbach: Rossini's beloved Cinderella is a favorite of mine, as it has been with audiences since its premiere in 1817, and it provides tremendous opportunities to develop the stylistic approach of our vocal artists.
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Boston Opera Collaborative rises to 'Dead Man Walking'

The Boston Globe / Harlow Robinson

...BOC's most ambitious and successful production to date.

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Experiencing opera's power to dramatically change lives

The Boston Globe / David Weininger

DMW directors David Gram and Michael Sakir speak about the redemptive power of music and the challenges of presenting the New England premiere of a critically-acclaimed new work.

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Dead Man Walking

Radio Boston

Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., and DMW directors David Gram and Michael Sakir speak with RadioBoston's Anthony Brooks and Graham Wright.
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Dead Men Walk Lively

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / Nolan Eley

The passion of those behind the production to bring this story to life onstage was altogether evident.
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'Orpheus' operetta gets down and dirty at the Strand

The Boston Globe / Jeffrey Gantz

"Offenbach's forerunner to the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas is devilishly clever, and in Boston Opera Collaborative's free English-language version, 'Orpheus in the Underworld,' at the Strand Theatre through Sunday, everyone has a hell of a good time."
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A Night at the Opera: La Bohème

My Entertainment World / James Melo

"I was lucky enough to get to see the Boston Opera Collaborative's production of La Bohème (directed by David Gram) the other day, and let me just say this: it was great."

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Charming Intimacy of BOC's La Bohème

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / Steven Ledbetter

"This charming La Bohème offered a lovely entertainment with an intimacy that envelops cast, orchestra and audience alike."

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BNN Interviews Artistic Director David Gram

Neighborhood Network News / Chris Lovett

Artistic Director David Gram chats with Boston News Network's Chris Lovett about our upcoming production of La Bohème!

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BOC's Delightful Falstaff

The Boston Phoenix / by Lloyd Schwartz

"...BOC's ambitions deserve our support...this spirited production earns it."
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Second Round of BOC's Entertaining Falstaff

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Zoe Kemmerling

"Anyone who doubts that quality opera can be any and all of the following — campy, raucous, sleazy, self-mocking, groovy, tacky, immoderate, compatible with beer and ice cream — should seize the opportunity to be proven wrong at Boston Opera Collaborative's continuing run of Falstaff..."
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BOC Captures Vibrancy of Verdi's Falstaff

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Janine Wanee

"The orchestra and cast's excellent intonation made the music sparkle with buoyancy and laughter the way the composer clearly intended..."
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Scrappy '70s Falstaff Promised by BOC

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

"[BOC has] frequently exceeded expectations, looking and sounding far better that they have any right to."
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Charming Cunning Little Vixen

The Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Larry Phillips

"Boston audiences are in for a treat this dismal winter with Boston Collaborative Opera's production of the rarely heard opera, The Cunning Little Vixen..."
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Little Women

Boston Theatre Review / by J. Jacob Krause

"Boston Opera Collaborative is... a great avenue for young singers to show their stuff and I would recommend opera goers see their offerings and have a look at what talent is on the rise."
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Boston's Opera Entrepreneurs

Intermezzo / by Melanie Feilotter

"The sheer number of singers in Boston ensures competitiveness but also inspires new methods of employing and refining their skills...[Boston Opera Collaborative] fosters an environment that is deliberately more supportive than competitive, not an easy balance in the world of singing."

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A Little Night Music

Boston Theatre Review / by Shannon Rosa

"If this is the future of opera in Boston, Sign me up."

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High Craft, Dramatic Heat Spark 'Crucible'

Boston Globe / by Matthew Guerrieri

"Both production and piece rise to the occasion of the play's most potent dramatics…."
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Convincing Dramatic Fodder in Ward's Crucible

Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Geoffrey Weiting

"Boston has long been said to have a love-hate relationship with opera, but I am hopeful this stereotype will swiftly disappear with the committed assistance of a fine company such as Boston Opera Collaborative."
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The Crucible

Boston Theater Review / J. Jacob Krause

"Boston Opera Collaborative is pushing the limits of itself to reach greater heights... They are capable of creating amazing shows and have the talent and resources for it."
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Giving Emerging Artists a Chance: Boston Opera Collaborative Tackles Carmen

Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Larry Phillips

"Boston needs such a group [as BOC]...[the] performance was enthusiastically received by the capacity audience...the audience erupted with clapping and whistling."
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BOC Carmen with a Different Cast

Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Mark Kroll

"The resources of this new and intrepid opera company are limited, but apparently not the talents of its members, who offered a fine performance.... "
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Fine singers, Clever Orchestration, in Handel's Alcina from Boston Opera Collaborative

Boston Musical Intelligencer / by Larry Phillips

"Hats off to Boston Opera Collaborative for providing us with such an entertaining diversion in this Handel year."
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Edge Boston / by Ed Tapper

"Whatever [BOC] lacks with respect to budget, the company compensates for in sheer chutzpah!"
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Puccini goes Punk

Boston Phoenix / by Sarah Faith Alterman

"Rising up out of a shortage of professional performance opportunities and artists' programs, several small local opera outfits have emerged, including Boston Opera Collaborative..."
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